The Laboratory System

The Image Management System IMS combines all essential qualities to realise the complete processes of digital image management in an industrial or scientific laboratory in a highly automated way. Starting from microscope and camera control for Multifocus and HDR recording, image processing and analysis ending up with the final Word Reports, IMS offers maximum functionality and flexibility based on dozens of modules.

Flexibility and Scalability

IMS is a highly modular Image Management System on a Java-based client/server architecture, designed for medical, industrial and general media management environments.
Intuitive use, highest flexibility for personalised work flow adaptation and a multitude of client and server functions for automated image management, are key features of IMS.


For many years Imagic has been in the forefront, offering its universal, manufacturer-independent camera interface supporting a multitude of analog and digital cameras for the professional image acquisition on a keystroke.
Based on a consistent user interface for all camera types, starting from analog S-video devices, digital compact cameras up to specialised digital microscope cameras, the user is able to easily control all acquisition-relevant parameters with a single module.


One of the Imagic core competences, digital image management, is  professional image acquisition with all microscope types, from manual up to overall coded and motorized devices, combined with camera control, parameter readout and restore, automatic image calibration, as well as Multifocus and HDR recording technique.