Support / Training

Imagic maintains a highly qualified support team to provide services for installations, individual or group trainings on-site or in Imagic training rooms, as well as hotline requests and emergencies.

Phone:            +41 (0)44 809 40 60
Fax:                 +41 (0)44 809 40 61


Remote Support via Internet

As an additional service to the established on-site assistance by our support team, Imagic disposes of an instant remote support using Internet connection. For this purpose Imagic makes use of the product TeamViewer ( , being the standard site-to-site connection tool for many well-known enterprises. Via secured remote access we are able to provide instant help directly at your workplace.
Avoiding travelling and resource scheduling, hotline response times are remarkably shorter and much more cost effective. Your personal support engineer is pleased to inform you about further details of using TeamViewer.

Download TeamViewer QuickSupport